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Importance of Okara

Okara is a famous district headquarters consisting three big Tehsil headquarters i.e.: (i) Tehsil Depalpur (Including Depalpur, Hujra Shah Muqeem, Haveli Lakha, Basirpur, Mandi Ahmadabad, Towns), (ii) Renala Khurd (Including Renala Khurd, Syedwala, Kohla, Kohla Lasharian, Jandraka, Chuchak, Jaboka, Bamanbala, Akhtarabad, Kissan, Sher Garh Towns), and (iii) Okara (Including OKARA CANTONEMENT, Gamber, Yangpur, Fatehpur, Bibipur, Moza Akbar, Bahadarnagar Farms, Satghara and Gogera Town and Okara city). It is added that Gogera has a historic fame because it was a district headquarters at the time of Jange Azadi 1857.

Okara is a land of Dairy Farms, Agricultural and Industrial establishments situated on Grand Trunk Road 135 km in the south west of Lahore. Okara was declared notified area in 1918. Since then, (from the very beginning i.e. for about fifty long years prior to independence, Okara meets the major food requirements of all kinds of Grain, Dairy products, par boiled Rice, Fruit & Vegetables (especially Potato/Potato seeds etc.), Meat products, Beef (largest cattle market of the country is being held on every 1st to 9th each month in Okara), Maize and Sugarcane, Poultry, Confectionary products. The BIGGEST DAIRY FARMS OF ASIA, Bahadarnagar Farms is situated here. It is worth mentioning that OKARA IS AT NO. 4 IN THE WORLD in Milk production. Okara has fertile land with enormous potential in Agricultural yield. This is why, Okara Grain market was considered as biggest market in the Punjab before partition of the subcontinent and market rates of Okara Mandi has been announced from BBC; London. Important Cantonment of the country i.e. OKARA CANTONMENT is situated in the area. UNIVERSITY OF EDUCATION and a CADET COLLEGE have since been established in Okara.


Agricultural & Industrial Establishments view of Okara

Okara played its vital role as an effective trade area. As regards to the Industrial development in the area, it is considered pioneer city in Cotton and food industry as at the time of independence the largest Cotton Mill (namely Sutleg Cotton Mills) of the country, Mitchell's Fruit Farms as quality food processors and Okara Flour & General Mills were already running here. With the passage of time industry of all types including Rice, Sugar, Oil/Ghee, Electronics, Textile, Cotton, Surgical Cotton, export quality Crockery products, services and professional associations have developed in the area. Raw material for all industries is being supplied around the country from Okara district. Military Dairy Farm, Okara is a large scale live-stock project is also situated here which was established pre-independence. Military Dairy Factory, Okara is a famous Milk processing plant producing Milk Food products which fulfill the major requirements of Pakistan Army.

Number of important Industrial Units is given as under:- 

1. Sugar Mills.                                     2
2. Textile Mills.                                  13
3. Vegetable Ghee/Oil Mills.                  2
4. Paper Mills/Packages.                       2
5. Poultry Feeds.                                  3
6. Flour Mills.                                      6
7. Electronics/Electric Appliances.         1
8. Dairy Products                                2
9. Food Industry.                                 1
10. Confectionary.                               6
11. Cotton Ginning & Pressing.           21
12. Cotton Waste.                               4
13. Surgical Cotton/Bandages.            29
14. Dairy Farms.                                 2
15. Rice Processing.                            2
16. Rice Mills.                                   94
17. Seed Processing.                            1
18. Foundry.                                      17
19. Unani Medicines.                          3
20. Soap/Detergent.                          14
21. Sewing Machines.                        3
22. Agricultural Implements.              62
23. Ice Factory & Cold Storage.         93

Revenue Income

At the time of independence Okara defunct Municipal Committee was considered the biggest and richest local body of the Punjab in respect of Revenue Income. Revenue Income of district Okara is increasing day by day.

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